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Current issues

New construction of the health station in Gope
From 16.11 - 03.12.2021 we were able to travel to Nepal in spite of Corona and the associated conditions and tests. The most important thing on our trip was to visit the existing projects and discuss with the local people what is going well and where there are still difficulties. To everyone who has supported us over the past 24 years, we say “thank you”. We say “thank you” to a great team in Nepal, to all the people doing good work on the construction sites and in the facilities. We wish them and their families a good time and a blessed new year 2022.
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From the projects

After a long and arduous journey to Gope/Lohkim in the south of the Solu Khumbu, we know that through the construction of the health station something very important will change there for the population, especially for the women and girls. On site, we talked to the villagers and the local committees and inspected the progress of construction.
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The Corona pandemic in Nepal has shown that minimal basic medical care is still not a matter of course in Nepal. This is especially true for the mountain population in the Himalayas. The health centres in Betang and Bhorle, which were established with your help, were expanded with little effort during the Corona pandemic to include small, effective Corona aid stations. Even lives from more distant villages could thus be saved and infections could be reduced through education.
Now we are pleased to present a new clinic construction project intended to further improve medical care.
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The clinic in Bhorle has now officially been opened and has received a great deal of attention from the region’s health care sector as well as from the government. In addition to the sturdy, earthquake-proof and functional building, the professional internal finishings and the high-quality, functional equipment, especially for births and paediatric care, serve as a model for the mountain regions.
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The measures, very quickly taken by the state, are very severe. Among others, they comprise: all borders are closed. There are neither national nor international flights any more, there is a curfew, schools are closed, shops are closed. Only food may be sold. Fortunately, the building project has been finished and thus Corona did not influence the completion. We very much hope the government will now open the health station soon, so the people can obtain treatment there.
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