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Project trip to Gope, Solu Khumbu

New construction of the health station in Gope

Dear sponsors and supporters,


Good news in a dreary time!

From 16.11 - 03.12.2021 we were able to travel to Nepal in spite of Corona and the associated conditions and tests.

In Nepal itself Corona does not play a big role anymore. 50% of the inhabitants were vaccinated. Especially in the cities this has had a great effect. Also, testing is now free in government hospitals. There is compulsory vaccination. In which order who gets the vaccine is decided by a list, which was created according to relevance for public life. Enough vaccine is not available, but doses from India, China, USA and Europe keep arriving in Nepal.

The most important thing on our trip was to visit the existing projects and discuss with the local people what is going well and where there are still difficulties. We are especially happy that eight new jobs have been created through the health stations. All nurses and helpers in Betang and Bhorle are employed by the government on a permanent basis as of 15.01.2021. Two nurses are firmly committed for Gope. We can withdraw from Betang and Bhorle! That was our goal. You can find more information and pictures about the development in Gope in the project blog.

To everyone who has supported us over the past 24 years, we say “thank you”. We say “thank you” to a great team in Nepal, to all the people doing good work on the construction sites and in the facilities.

We wish them and their families a good time and a blessed new year 2022.

Best regards from Freiburg and Kathmandu,

Anne Peter, president Gecotec e.V. Germany,
Elisabeth Schwery-Kinzler, president NB&G Switzerland and
Ram and Maya Kumar Tamang, NHEFoN Nepal

For more information about the construction project in Gope, please visit the project blog

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