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New health station in Gope

Opening of Gope Health Station

Dear sponsors and supporters,


The cooperation between the people of Gope, the local authorities, NHEFoN Nepal, DESWOS e.V. Germany, Gecotec e.V Germany and NB&G Switzerland has been successful.

Thanks to your support!

On 03/26/2022 the new health centre was handed over to the people of the Gope region.

Special was the excellent organization, which in this degree we have never experienced before in a construction project.

The couple who donated the land with mayor (right) and Ram Kumar Tamang (left)
from left: Nurse and midwife Sabna Rai, nurse and medical assistant Ram Narayan Meheta, project manager Ram Kumar Tamang and his wife Maya Tamang (NHEFoN)
A big thank you goes to the district mayor of Lohkim (second from left), who unfortunately could not be present at the opening. Photo: Project trip November 2021
Religious rituals at the opening. The population is Hindu and Buddhist and lives in and with their faith.

The health station is in full operation since 04/01/2022!

Since the staff can live there free of charge, the attractiveness for well-trained nurses to work and live there in the remote region increases. There is a shared kitchen and two separate bedrooms.

The health station has been supplied with all reasonable equipment. Vaccinations are now administered directly in Gope thanks to a refrigeration facility. Previously, parents had to go to Phaplu District Hospital for vaccinations and check-ups. This is a day’s walk from Gope. For this reason, many families did not take advantage of medical check-ups. Blood tests on a small scale are also available on site at last. Sterilization equipment and respirators are available. Medicines and contraceptives come from a central government pharmacy. They are free of charge for the population.

All the necessary resources are now available for births and the care of newborns: Examination equipment, a room for births and for the care of babies, even with a warming crib for emergencies. The crib is one of the prerequisites for decreasing infant mortality. Even district hospitals regularly lack the equipment. Education about contraception and health issues is also part of a village nurse’s duties. In addition to the equipment, the knowledge and motivation of the nurse are always essential.

The mothers now have the opportunity to wash and take warm showers at the health centre. This is a great luxury that almost no one has at home, but which is very important during births. Fortunately, a knowledgeable midwife is now permanently available to the women and men. She also provides assistance during pregnancy, follow-up care for mothers and children, and the regular check-ups for the children.

The elderly residents are also relieved that they can now receive care each day at the health station without having to walk long distances. In the case of serious illnesses, a doctor will come from the nearest district hospital, Phaplu, which can be reached on foot in about a day. The doctor covers the distance by jeep in about four hours. In the rainy season, the roads are not passable by car. The consequences for the sick can be imagined.

The first pregnant women are already being cared for in the health centre and everyone is eagerly awaiting the first birth.

Timely wound care, dispensing of medicines, examination of heart and other cardiovascular problems can save lives in this region in the future.

Dear supporters,

we will continue to support the mountain regions in Nepal in the future and hope for your continued interest and active willingness to make the financing of further projects possible.

Your help is working!

Sincere thanks from

the residents of Gope, Solu Khumbu,
Gecotec e.V. Germany,
NEPAL Education & Health Switzerland and
NHEFoN Nepal

Your team from Gecotec e.V., NB&G and NHEFoN
The excellent construction team
from left: Project developer and project manager Ram Kumar Tamang (NHEFoN), architect Madhav Regmi, foreman Kancha Tamang

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