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Village Clinic Betang

Diary Part 4 - The opening
02/12/2019 - An end is in sight!

…but the site still looks chaotic. Bad, cold and wet weather continues to make working hard.


And then, everything happens very quickly. The health committee is content, too.

Were there not time and again these exceptional weather constellations. So far, there was no snow in Bhorle Betang. Here, too, the weather is becoming different. And, as always, the poor are hit hardest.


Outdoor installations and interior fittings in high standard. Though the state has set high standards for any new construction of clinics and health care centres, on this level of workmanship there is nothing comparable in Rasuwa district. And this thanks to good planning and Ram’s care and connections.

Always close to Ram: Madhav Regmi, the architect. The two are a great team we reckon with for the future as well.


Complete, the room for deliveries!

It has its own toilet and hot shower, an important facilitation for the women in Betang who usually give birth to their children under difficult hygienic conditions. Now free of charge and taken care of in a fine setting.


Furniture and medical equipment have arrived. Because of rain, storm and land slides all fittings had to be carried from the main road to Bhorle. But, as you can see, it has worked out fine the way it already would have been done hundreds of years ago.

Next to the room for deliveries there is a room for treatments, a waiting area and a locker for free basic medicines and contraceptives.

Thanks to a small fridge, vaccines now can be provisioned, too. Marches of several hours to the next vaccination centre will become unnecessary in future.

The room with its small kitchen indicates a new concept. In future, instead of irregularly every few weeks the nurse will be present daily except Saturday at fixed times. She will continue to make home visits and take up social issues.

In future, an important task will be looking after handicapped children, youths and adults and to address harassments of handicapped persons founded in religious believes.

She will be supported by a doctor who can be called to come to help in emergencies and who also will offer regular consultation hours in Betang.

An outside toilet is available for visitors. As an aside: suffused with light and with a marvellous view.

Traditional transport of the equipment
Delivery Room
Delivery Room
Treatment Room
Treatment Room
Entrance, waiting area
for free basic medicines, contraceptives and vaccines
for the nurse
Outside toilet for visitors
suffused with light and with a marvellous view
NHEFoN, Gecotec and NB&G
The team on the way to Betang for the inauguration
There she is shining
The new clinic in Bhorle Betang, Rasuwa, just before the opening
04/19/2019 - The Inauguration

It became a festive day, an event that was noted throughout the entire region. A government spokeswoman and two delegates came from Kathmandu, all local political parties were represented, the press reported. It was made very clear that in future the people in the mountains will no longer be willing to content themselves with the given conditions. The concept of obtaining decentralized support on site and to give birth to children in a safe environment, will spread.

Though the end of the event underlined once again that climate change has arrived in Nepal, and although hail and storm closed the official part, it was a marvellous festivity thanks to Ram’s great organization. A festivity especially for the people in Betang.

Without the courage and perseverance of Maya and Ram Kumar Tamang and NHEFoN, and without your, the supporters’ readiness to trust us from Gecotec e.V. and NB&G CH and to support us with donations, all this would not have been possible.

Together we have gained a foothold in this district, the people trust us more and more, we witness the initiative of the population to make changes for their own benefit and to put pressure on politicians.

The next plans are already being developed and surely this project will not have been the last one in this extremely poor region.

You will receive more information about our future plans in Kathmandu and in Rasuwa district in June.

Thanks to the support of Jan Peter we will be able to publish a film about the project in autumn, where we can present our work in its entirety. To him as well a “thank you” for his honorary and professional engagement.

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