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The projects described here are historical projects.

Currently, Gecotec e.V. is mainly involved in projects in the areas of Earthquake Relief & Building as well as Education & Health.

Objectives of the Gecotec ECO-projects are further development and dissemination of ecologically and economically optimized processes in the areas of building and technology. Basis of these processes are saving energy, sustainability, considerate use of raw materials, keeping air and water clean and adaptation to locally available resources, knowledge and technologies.

These purposes are implemented by:

  • advancement of development of ecological materials and technologies

  • transfer of ecological and economical technologies to not well-off countries

  • involvement in the development of infrastructure for building and technology

  • support of the development of local markets in not well-off countries

  • exchange in the areas of research and education

Building materials

Eco-materials, economical and ecological building materials
Building materials

Conversion of biomass into building materials and energy.
Production of building materials with low energy requirements.

Building materials

Solar cooking

Cooking with solar energy
Solar cooking

Systems with special collector systems that allow solar energy to be used for indoor cooking.

Solar cooking

Solar cooling

Systems for solar-thermal cooling
Solar cooling

Self-sufficient refrigerators operating exclusively on solar heated warm water.

Solar cooling

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