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Partners & Sponsors

Our special thanks go to all our partners and sponsors for their support and active cooperation in our projects. Therefore we would like to introduce them to you briefly:

NHEFoN (Nepal Helping Education Foundation of Nepal)
Our partner association in Nepal

NEPAL Bildung & Gesundheit e.V.
Our partner association in Switzerland

Renate Madaus Stiftung
A charitable foundation from Cologne, which supports us.

DESWOS - Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe für soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen e.V.
DESWOS is a private non-profit association. The mission of DESWOS is to fight housing shortages and poverty in developing countries. This is done by helping families in need to help themselves, e.g. in the construction of housing and schools, in water supply and in securing their economic livelihoods.

Grupo Sofonias
Grupo Sofonias is an association registered in the Glarus commercial register (since 1983/87) and carries out, among other things, management projects of the swiss SDC. In both Nicaragua and Ecuador, it is a state-recognized relief organization and foundation respectively.

Through the EcoSur network, Grupo Sofonias promotes South-South exchange through publications, technology transfers, applied research, seminars and conferences. EcoSur promotes the use of techniques and materials with a deep ecological footprint.

prettner + buschmann Part GmbB
One focus of prettner + buschmann’s work is the development of “green” concepts - this includes the creation of an individual ecological energy concept using adapted technologies and taking into account the economic framework conditions.

solar info center gmbh
solar info center gmbh was established as a project development company for the Solar Info Center in Freiburg, a technology and service center for renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Frische Brise Film GmbH
Frische Brise Film GmbH sponsored the project film Wer lacht, hilft besser

Donation Account

Gecotec e.V.
Commerzbank Köln
IBAN: DE12 6808 0030 0411 7438 02