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Second Lockdown in Nepal - News & Setup of Corona Relief Centre

News from Ram Kumar Tamang, NHEFoN:

The situation is getting more and more out of control, mainly because the government is taking chaotic decisions. As of May 27th, 2021, all grocery stores were to be closed for two weeks. After riots throughout the country, fresh food stores are now allowed to open one hour a day. Rice and noodles must be stocked up until then.

Serious proposal of the administration in the Kathmandu Valley: Those who are starving and have no financial means should call the mayor on 143. He would then supply the families.

More and more people, also in the mountains, die because no help is possible.

Vaccines promised from India do not arrive. India needs them herself. China has announced further aid, but has not yet implemented it.

Despite the lockdown, the number of infections is not decreasing, the medical system is completely overburdened or - in the mountain regions - does not exist.

Dear supporters,

It leaves us speechless how the government in Nepal is trying to get a grip on the pandemic. Increasingly, the population is resisting the measures. Today, Ram reports of large demonstrations in the cities. According to Ram, there have been deaths. The people no longer see any room for manoeuvre, and especially in the cities, in addition to Corona, unemployment and, as a result, hunger are becoming explosive problems and ultimately the drivers of the pandemic. But especially now we have to continue to support what helps concretely and promptly. Thanks to your very generous donations, together with NHEFoN/Ram Kumar Tamang, we can do more than we had thought.

In the first step we were able to provide our families with staple foods for three months in the last days.

In the second step we can, on demand from Betang-Rasuwa, initiate a far-reaching project: We are promptly setting up a Corona relief centre at the Betang Health Centre.

In the health centre built by Gecotec, NB&G and NHEFoN in 2019, a Corona aid centre will be established in the next few days with your donations for six months. It will benefit the entire population of Betang and the surrounding area. There is no such contact point far and wide. Among other steps, there will:

  • A nurse and a helper be hired for six months
  • Additional beds be set up
  • Possibilities for isolation be created
  • A portable electric oxygen unit be installed that can operate independently of heavy gas cylinders
  • An ICU monitor become available
  • Masks and disinfection be available
  • Supportive medications be distributed
  • All treatments be offered free of charge

A doctor at the central hospital in Patschang is available to assist with cases taking severe developments. An ambulance can bring sick people to the central hospital, even on foot during the rainy season.

The nurse has already been found and can start as soon as the aids arrive in Betang. We are very lucky that Ram has an official permit to accompany the transport and the set-up. Ram has already been vaccinated twice and is looking forward to this special task. Already on Monday, May 31st, 2021, Ram will travel to Betang with the material and set up the station together with the nurse.

Surely it is difficult to still see positives in such a terrible situation. However, for the community in Bhorle, the great need has led to the appointment of a new health committee that is really taking action. Although a nurse had been promised by the government prior to the construction of the clinic, the old committee had not managed to hire one from completion of the clinic in 2019 until last week.

We will keep you informed how things develop in Nepal and in our projects and are firmly convinced that even small but concrete projects are good and helpful.

A very warm greeting, Namaste,

Anne Peter, president Gecotec e.V. Germany
Elisabeth Schwery-Kinzler, president NB&G Switzerland
Ram and Maya Kumar Tamang, NHEFoN Nepal

Food Supplies
Staple foods for three months
Health Centre Betang
Location of the new Corona Help Centre
Apasra Dhankal
The nurse for the Corona Centre Betang was found quickly
New health committee with nurse
in Betang/Rasuwa

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