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Second lockdown - Nepal is at the limit - Control of the pandemic is currently not possible

Dear sponsors and supporters,


The situation in Nepal has become drastically worse. The reasons for this are manifold and, as so often, man-made. Here a summary of the most important facts (in German language):

We are in constant contact with Ram and yesterday, based on his mail, see below, we decided to provide our families with the most necessary food for the next three months. Our families are all dependent on their daily wages. Since there will be no work for them for the foreseeable future, there will be no money to provide the most minimal supplies.

Since Ram and family are also under lockdown, distribution of food is not easy. But here is how it works: Ram makes a list of the families with mobile phone numbers. A special government-authorized driving service distributes the food to various locations near the families. The driving service gets confirmation that the food has been received and takes photos. In this way, Ram has control that the aid arrives where it is supposed to go to. In addition to the food, the families receive new medical face masks. The prices for these are very high by Nepalese standards. A simple medical face mask costs 1.00 € to 3.50 €. So far all children and family members are well. They live in strict isolation.

How exactly things will continue in Nepal is uncertain. We will keep you informed. The fact that we can react so quickly is due to your willingness to always also donate project funds which can then be used promptly in acute situations.

For this we would like to give our cordial thanks,

Anne Peter, president Gecotec e.V. Germany
Elisabeth Schwery-Kinzler, president NB&G Switzerland
Ram and Maya Kumar Tamang, NHEFoN Nepal

Mail dated 05/06/2021 from Ram Kumar Tamang / NHEFoN:

Dear Didi Anne
Good Morning.

well, some of our children parent call me they, need help because long time Lock down and you can talk with our member for help children. at least we can help the children three month food. we need Euro 1700/

01: Rice 50 Kg/
02: Dal 4 Kg/
03: Oil 2 litter/
04: Sugar 3 Kg/
05: Salt 2 Kg/
06: Tea 250 Gram/
07: Noodle one Bax/
08: Flour 5 Kg/

well, this much know
my beset regards all Family.
your Bhai

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