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Corona Help for Nepal


Dear sponsors and supporters,


Ram has asked me to inform you that his mother passed away the day before yesterday. She was cremated this morning in Kathmandu with all honours, with all the necessary rituals. The hospital did not want to release her body at first because she had had Corona. Such bodies are cremated in the hospitals by the police and then the relatives get the ashes. According to the understanding of Hindus and Buddhists, this is a cruel procedure. Without a cremation accompanied by lamas or priests which has to follow a strict ritual, the way to paradise or a good rebirth is difficult.

Ram’s mother was a very warm and tolerant woman with great attachment to her culture and religion, but also very curious about everything concerning modern ways of life. We wish her a blessed journey and will miss her very much.

Best wishes,

Anne Peter, president of Gecotec e.V., Ram Kumar Tamang, president of NHEFoN

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