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Corona Help for Nepal

Good news from Nepal

Dear sponsors and supporters,


We can share good news with you today!

Ram is getting better every day. He was allowed to go home three days ago. Because the hospitals can’t take any more patients, the other patients are being moved to hotels, thus making room for life-threatened people. In the hotel, the patients then are in quarantine for 14 days. You can imagine what the care is like there, as all available doctors and nurses are busy with the new patients.

Ram is very lucky that his niece Samikshya is a doctor, that he can evidence his own room at home and that the daily checks and medication are taken over by his niece and a trainee nurse, Ashmita. It is especially pleasing that the education of both women has been and is being funded by Gecotec and NB&G through our study and training programmes. Maya has completely recovered, and to Ram’s great delight, she is also cooking herself again. He says that is the best medicine 😊

Ram and Maya asked to send their warmest regards to you all and they thank you very much for all the good wishes. Ram’s mom was a little better yesterday, but she still is in ICU.

The last months have made us even more aware of how much it makes sense to build another infirmary together with Ram’s association NEFoN as soon as COVID permits it.

Best wishes,

Anne Peter, president Gecotec e.V., Ram Kumar Tamang, president NHEFoN

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