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Corona Help for Nepal

The lockdown in Kathmandu Valley is over

Dear sponsors and supporters,


13,000.00€ have become effective for the people through your help!

About 6,500 inhabitants of Kathmandu and of parts of Kathmandu Valley were able to get through the lockdown without hunger. With a lot of commitment and good logistics the local authorities, NHEFoN and many volunteers provided for the minimum daily food requirements for severely impacted families. Newspapers and a TV station reported in detail about Ram’s work, especially because NHEFoN was one of the first and few relief organisations that had funds available.

One week ago, the inhabitants of Kathmandu were allowed to work again, the shops have re-opened, authorities and banks are working again. According to the latest information, there are considerations to permit international and national flights from August 1, 2020. For Nepal tourism is essential for survival, also as a cause against the steadily increasing emigration. Thanks again for your always so prompt support.

Best wishes and please stay healthy.

Anne Peter, president Gecotec e.V.
Ram Kumar Tamang, NHEFoN

Freiburg, Kathmandu, June 21, 2020

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