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Corona Help for Nepal

Good news! The situation in Nepal is improving.
The state is coordinating the aid of all NGOs and thus is getting the situation increasingly under control.

Dear sponsors and supporters,


12.000,00€ have been collected in our fundraising campaign so far and Ram already can dispose of them.

That is wonderful!

Your donations have been and will be used as follows:

  • Through donations from Gecotec e.V. and NB&G, our 35 sponsored families receive staple foods until the lockdown is lifted and work can be resumed.

  • Approximately 1,900 people have been provided with staple foods for one month by Gecotec e.V. and NHEFoN in cooperation with the District Office.

  • On 05/04/2020, together with the Nepalese youth organisation “Akta SAMAJA”, 700 meals were cooked for the first time from your donations and distributed in a state street kitchen in Kathmandu. This operation also was coordinated by the government. They keep track of where help is most needed at the moment. Most of the work is being done by Maya and Ram from NHEFoN, as is so often the case. This support and the distribution of food to families will continue to be supported by Gecotec e.V. until the lockdown is lifted, provided sufficient donations will be available till then.

  • The government has learned a lot from the 2015 earthquake. It has stopped the indiscriminate and often unfair distribution of aid by NGOs and private individuals. From Rams’ and our point of view, this is a very good decision to ensure that all sections of the poor population receive roughly the same level of care.

  • Much support also comes from wealthy Nepalese women. They donate on large scale - good for the karma - rice and staple food to the soup kitchens which then distribute hot meals twice a day to those in need.

  • The best news, however, is that in the Kathmandu Valley they are considering lifting the lockdown in about 2 weeks. Then the day labourers will be able to work again and provide themselves with some food.

  • The consistent early closure of the borders to India and China has helped to prevent the pandemic from spreading widely. According to the Nepalese media, there are only 57 people infected, nobody has died. We do not know how reliable these figures are, as tests can be done very rarely. However, an extremely high number of migrant workers in the Emirates, Dohar, Dubai etc. have been infected and have died. The terrible living conditions in these countries are the main reason for this. Without the income of their relatives working abroad, many families are now left without any resources whatsoever.

  • Problematic, as in every crisis, is the situation of single parent day labourers, who literally have to live from hand to mouth with their families. Due to the lockdown even this was no longer possible.

The state simply lacks the tax income to establish a meaningful social system. 60% of the gross national product is generated abroad and bypasses the community of Nepal. Despite these and many other problems, Nepal is in our view on the right track under the current government.

We thank you very much for your help - it has a direct effect and is used 100% on the spot.

We would be pleased if you would continue to accompany and support our projects in the future.

Best wishes and please stay healthy.

Anne Peter, president Gecotec e.V.
Elisabeth Schwery-Kinzler, president NEPAL Bildung & Gesundheit Schweiz
Ram Kumar Tamang, NHEFoN

Freiburg, Blatten, Kathmandu, May 5, 2020

Kathmandu/Boudha, support of a street kitchen.
700 meals were prepared by the youth organisation Mahakal Akta SAMAJA and NHEFoN and distributed in heavy rain.
Thus the rainy season announces itself, a difficult time anyway, now with Corona on top.
We carry on! Packing for the next relief operation in Bhaktapur. Ram's family is fully involved.
Nima, one of our first sponsored children, is also helping out today.
300 families in Bhaktapur are to be provisioned with staple foods.
Today we go to Bhaktapur.
This action, too, is coordinated and supported by the responsible local authority.
On May 6, 2020 cordial greetings also arrived from Ram and Maya:

Dear Didi good morning

Today Kathmandu Metropolitan city office Boudha ward Number: 6, Nepal Helping Education Foundation of Nepal, Gecotec e.V. Germany, NB&G Switzerland. Once again thanks all the sponsors member. Officially ward no: 6, ward chairman Dipendra Lama, ward member and Thank you very much for helping me, Sarswatinagatar sudhara committee members and Today distributed relief 100 family. This people daily basic workers in Kathmandu because Corona virus lockdown at home.

Best regards all family
Bhai Ram

Thanks Maya and Ram! Without you, the donations would not reach the people so targeted and timely. Hunger has no time. It just is there. We will stay engaged until the lockdown is over and people can actually earn their day’s wage again.

We are pleased that the parts of the population that are better off take responsibility, too.

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