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Corona Direct Aid

Support required due to lock down condition

Dear sponsors and supporters,


Sorry, we have to ask for your support again today.

The situation in Nepal makes this necessary. Due to the very strict lock down, our families are dependent on external help, because

  • they are human beings, who have no reserves whatsoever
  • they are usually day laborers, socially and financially completely insecure
  • they’re predominantly single parents and very often live without the social and financial support of their families.

It comes on top of everything else, just like many families in Germany, that the children usually get a hot meal at school. This is now also cancelled, of course.

Nepal cannot afford a “rescue package” like here in Germany. Ram and Maja, who have a direct insight into the situation, report that with our families the least basic provision for children and parents no longer is guaranteed. The state gives each family 5 kg of rice and nothing else. That alone is not enough to eliminate deficiency symptoms and hunger. From the perspective of NHEFoN, Gecotec and NB&G, the families need at least 20kg of rice, lentils, oil, salt, tea and sugar to make a basic diet to ensure that this is the case.

Together with our partners in Switzerland, we have decided to support families of our sponsor project, as long as the “lock down” continues, monthly with the necessary to support rations. These are distributed at a central point. The costs for our 35 families are about 1.000€ per month. We calculate with a support period of 3 months.

We would be very pleased if you would support this with a donation under the keyword “Corona Direct Aid”.

Best wishes and please stay healthy.

Anne Peter, president Gecotec e.V.
Elisabeth Schwery-Kinzler, president NEPAL Bildung & Gesundheit Schweiz
Ram Kumar Tamang, NHEFoN

Freiburg, Blatten, Kathmandu, in April 2020

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