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School Sponsors

Kathmandu & Kathmandu Valley
Founded in 2005 - Project volume 9000€
What are the goals of the project?
  • to facilitate a school or professional education for children according to their capabilities
  • to create the necessary financial and material conditions (e.g. school uniform, books, possibly special aid)

Long term:

  • financial independence of participants
  • making sufficient education of the children possible
  • support of Nepalese children by former participants
  • transition from German support to a Nepalese system of support by former participants
How do we achieve our goals?
  • with long-term personal sponsorship by German, Swiss and Austrian Sponsors
  • by regular bursary contributions by sponsors
  • with sponsor meetings - exchange about the development of the children and youths
  • by intensive exchange between NHEFoN and Gecotec with regard to the overall situation of the entire family
  • with regular meetings, lead by NHEFoN, of current and former Kathmandu participants
  • through guidance of participants towards self-help

Currently all our sponsored children are attending all-day schools. There they receive a warm meal, support with their homework and also further assistance if necessary. The advantage is that this way the mostly single parents can work while the children are under supervision.

Who are the participants in the project?
  • 35 - 37 children aged between 3 and 17 years
  • currently 18 girls, 17 boys
Prerequisites for participation
  • outstanding neediness of single or ill parents in the social sphere of Ram and Maya
  • readiness of parents or relatives to support the child
  • willingness to take on their part in the project
What would help us?
  • long-term support by sponsors - the cost of financing an all-day school place is 500€ per year. However, there is also the possibility of a partial sponsorship of 250€.
  • sponsors who - independent of a stable sponsorship - support provision of special aids like extra tuition, language courses, special school supplies etc.

Start of our official cooperation with NHEFoN in November 2008

Start of our official cooperation with NHEFoN in November 2008

Donation Account

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