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Health Project

Kathmandu & Kathmandu Valley
Founded in 2011 - Project volume around 3000€
What are the goals of the project?
  • to provide basic health care for the children since there is no free health service in Nepal
How do we achieve our goals?
  • by annual screenings of teeth, eyes, hearing, respiratoy tract and an additional check for malnutrition
  • an additional examination for malnutrition takes place
  • education of parent or guardian on the following topics
    • importance of water and how to handle it
    • taking care of wounds
    • how to check tooth cleaning
    • conduct in case of diarhea
    • severness and consequences of smoking, alcohol, drugs
    • contraception - as far as cultural limits permit
  • offers of manifest help
    • tuberculosis treatment
    • treatment of diarhea
    • wound care
    • alleviation of skin ailments
    • vaccinations - in cooperation with state programs
    • simple vision aids

The project is lead in Nepal by Sabina Tamang. She became a medical doctor in China with support from Gecotec and NHEFoN. She works unsalaried in the project together with a GP and a dentist. A cooperating clinic treats emergencies economically.

Who are the participants in the project?
  • sponsored school children in Kathamandu with their brothers and sisters
Prerequisites for participation
  • regular attendance of their parent or guardian at the annual health day
  • active support of health precautions by the parent or guardian
  • implementation of doctor’s instructions
  • participation in educational events offered by the doctors
What would help us?
  • donations for cases of exceptional diseases, operations and dental treatments

Running costs are covered by the support of three foundations from Cologne.

Children and their parents at the annual health day in Kathmandu 2012

Children and their parents at the annual health day in Kathmandu 2012

Donation Account

Gecotec e.V.
Commerzbank Köln
IBAN: DE12 6808 0030 0411 7438 02