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New health station in Gope

It’s almost done!

Dear sponsors and supporters,


Despite all adversities, transport difficulties, snowfalls and days of unusually intense rain, the construction of the health station in Gope progressed rapidly. On 03/26/2022, after only four months of construction, the health station in Gope, Solu Khumbu can be handed over to the community of Gope-Lokhim.

This is especially due to the energetic support of the people in the village community of Gope and the wonderfully coordinated team with construction manager Ram Kumar Tamang, architect Madhav Regmi, foreman Kancha Tamang and our ingenious driver Picas Tamang.

After the opening, all further operating and labor costs will be covered by the government. We are very happy that everything went so smoothly. None of our previous construction sites were so challenging in their location. Transportation, weather conditions and a complete lack of infrastructure had to be overcome, and the people involved succeeded brilliantly. Certainly, financing is the essential prerequisite for this project, but without the people in charge on site we would never have managed it in this quality.

Below you will find a small photo gallery with all the important steps in the progress of the construction.

Thank you, Namaste, to all who supported us once again. For about 5,000 people life will improve tangibly. Babies will be able to be born in a safe environment and their chance of survival will be high.

What has been achieved in three months

On 03/26/2022 the health station in Gope will be ceremoniously opened.
The building plot before the start of construction.
Before construction begins, the necessary prayers are said and the rituals that bring good luck are held. In the background: Everest.
On that day, the excavator and the stone chisel had already done a great job. All the stones could be used in the structure and in the outdoor area.
Preparation of the outer stabilization with the help of the Women's Committee Gope.
Especially the women can esteem the help the health station will bring them in future.
During our visit to Gope, the floor plan could already be recognized.
The village community is helping with the transport of building materials.
All walls are in place. Of course, the construction is earthquake-proof.
The ceiling is being constructed.
At the same time, workers begin construction of the outdoor toilets, staff shower, and septic tank.
Connection to the septic tank.
Plastering of the building has been completed.
Inside, the ceilings are being plastered.
The building has been completed! The interior will be finished in time for the opening.
Without all the workers it would be impossible to open the building on March 23, 2022.

The construction costs of € 84,500.00 were only slightly above the calculation of € 80,000.00. Thanks to the cooperation with Deswos contributing € 40.000,00 and NB&G Switzerland contributing € 22.500,00 we could manage the financing well.

But as in the past so often: Only with your donations all the projects are feasible. They are spent 100% on what they are intended for.

Of course we will report about the completed health station.

Thank you very much for your support

the residents of Gope, Solu Khumbu,
Gecotec e.V. Germany,
NEPAL Education & Health Switzerland and
NHEFoN Nepal

Meeting with the village community Gope, 11/22/2021

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