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Building another Village Clinic in Bhorle

The Clinic Bhorle, Rasuwa, Nepal has been handed over

The clinic in Bhorle has now officially been opened and has received a great deal of attention from the region’s health care sector as well as from the government. In addition to the sturdy, earthquake-proof and functional building, the professional internal finishings and the high-quality, functional equipment, especially for births and paediatric care, serve as a model for the mountain regions.

The population, especially the health committee, has contributed very much to the fact that the building is being used so intensively already since May 2020. Between 30 and 35 people come daily on average. In comparison, the district hospital in Patschang has 7-8 visitors per day, although a doctor and several nurses are stationed there.

The nurse in Bhorle is extremely dedicated and already cannot handle the traffic alone any more. A second nurse is being requested. In this case, we see again that it is important to provide the edificial prerequisites, but that the best building, no matter how good it is, has no effect if the people around it do not make use of the possibilities and develop them further.

Clinic Opening
The cooperation was successful
Thanks to your support
Ceremonial handover
On January 1st, 2021, the clinic was handed over to the population
The team on site
Medicine cabinet
Well stocked - not a matter of course
Equipment for ventilation and sterilization
Consulting room
Even in the district hospital, equipment such as warming bed and monitoring device are not available
Good work
Essential besides the equipment: Knowledge and motivation of the nurse
Education about health issues... part of the tasks of a village nurse
The older citizens are relieved, too

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