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Building another Village Clinic in Bhorle

Nepal, too, is affected by Corona

The measures, very quickly taken by the state, are very severe. Among others, they comprise: all borders are closed. There are neither national nor international flights any more, there is a curfew, schools are closed, shops are closed. Only food may be sold. Tourism has been stopped. The government could fall back on the experiences made after the earthquake, since the same measures had ben taken then as well to protect the surviving population.

Fortunately, the building project has been finished and thus Corona did not influence the completion. Else we would have had to deal with a building freeze. We very much hope the government will now open the health station soon, so the people can obtain treatment there. The operation of the health station in Betang is functioning very well.

According to the statistic only three people have fallen ill in Nepal till today. However, we don’t know what the situation really is, because the facilities for testing are very poor and many people simply are not informed and the geographic and hygienic circumstances are very problematic, particularly in the remote mountain areas.

The more tangible restrictions for the people result from the closure of the borders. Having no petrol nor gas for cooking appears to the people much more existential than the risk of Corona. Also, the shutdown of tourism will again leave it’s marks. And as feared the black market is already now flourishing for the people who have the money.

But, despite of it all:

Bhorle health station has been completed in time!
A joint project with NHEFoN-Nepal, NB&G Switzerland and DESWOS Germany

Dear donors and supporters,

after a building period of four months, aided by fine weather, good craftsmen and above all by the excellent work of Ram Kumar Tamang as construction manager and Madhav Regmi as architect, Bhorle health station has been completed on March 9th, 2020.

Interior fittings and clinic equipment are in place as well.

Moreover, we could keep to the budget of 55,000€.

All this is very good news, particularly in consideration of the conditions under which building takes place in the mountains of Nepal. All we can do is show respect and say “thank you” to all who were involved in Nepal.

But all this would not have been possible without your help and the support of the Swiss association NB&G and of DESWOS in Germany.

Krankenstation Bhorle - ein besseres Leben für ca. 6.000 Menschen
The finished building
A delegation of the health committee appears to say farewell to Ram
Toilet building for visitors
Toilet and washbasin
for patients and deliveries
for patients and deliveries
Room for deliveries
Room for treatment
Entry area
Equipment of the health station
Basic medical equipment
Basic medical equipment
for nurse, midwife or emergency doctor
for nurse, midwife or emergency doctor
It's all done!
Bye bye Bhorle

A cordial “thank you” for your interest and your support comes from the teams of

Gecotec e.V Deutschland,
NEPAL Bildung & Gesundheit Schweiz and
NHEFoN Nepal

Please, stay healthy!

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