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Building another Village Clinic in Bhorle

The kickoff has taken place

Dear donors and supporters!

On November 26th, 2019 we started on time. The cornerstone for the medical centre Bhorle, Rasuwa has been laid.


Over the next months, the health committee and the construction team will be an important backing for construction manager Ram Kumar and architect Madhav Regmi. The workers are from Bhorle and from Betang. The latter now can pass on to their Bhorle colleagues their experience from building the school and health station in Betang - synergy in a very practical sense.

Laying of the cornerstone
A little religious ceremony by the local lama is a matter of course.
Prayer flags by the site must not be missing either.
Health Committee and team
Experienced through the school and clinic construction in Betang

As always Ram and Madhav are living directly on site and thus are well in control of what is going on at the site and are in close contact with all involved parties.

Contrary to what had been expected, the plot concealed large rocks, just as it was the case when the first clinic in Betang was being built. Deployment of an excavator was indispensable. The rocks are tidily piled up, reused in the course of the construction works and partly integrated into the foundation.

It was a great facilitation that due to good road conditions the building materials could be delivered by truck from Trisuli Bazar. As soon as there is precipitation, the off-road routes are no longer negotiable, in particular for trucks.

Ram and Madhav
A well-coordinated team
Deployment of the excavator
unfortunately unavoidable
Large rocks
were concealed by the plot
Order is a must
The rocks are tidily piled up
Delivery of building materials
Fortunately possible by truck

For this building also manual work is necessary. With the little means these building workers require presumably nobody in Europe would be able to manage.

For our joint building projects it is a matter of course that workers are covered by accident insurance, have regular days off and can, like just now, participate in their religious festivities. For example from 9th to 12th December, goddess Tara is celebrated who especially is responsible for the fertility of nature.

Goddess for the fertility of nature

Once foundations have been completed, all participants go home and enjoy the holidays. On December 13th work will continue with strengthened karma. How we got along since, we will let you know in February 2020.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas, a good time for the rest of this year and a happy New Year!

A cordial “thank you” for your interest and your support comes from the teams

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